imageIf your in need of knowing the best way to heal cuts and scrapes then you are not alone. Last week I came out of a “floating down the rapids” trip that was really a “get cut up on the rocks” trip. So I needed to know a fast way to heal my cuts without losing a leg.

The Best Way To Heal Cuts And Scrapes

1. Clean

2. Treat

3. Cover

Healing Cuts is that easy….a simply 3 step process. But, For those who want more proof before they believe read on….1. Clean the cut to allow the wound to heal

If a wound is left open and unclean this is where infection sets in. If you are wondering if your cut is infected look and see if there is redness around the cut and a feeling of heat coming from the wound. If so, that is a pretty good sign that the cut is infected. To clean a cut you can use an antiseptic or even soap and water. A fast running tap is best as it will push any debris out of the scraped or cut area.  Once your cut is clean…..

2. Treat the cut to allow the wound to heal

After the cut or scrape is clean, apply an anti-biotic to the surface. I am a fan of Neosporin simply because of the name. But, this will be what helps your cut to heal faster.

3. Protect the cut to allow the wound to heal

I was always told that you need to give the cut “air”. Well, I hate to say this but that is not the case. Think about it. You have Cleaned the cut and but a healing agent on it….now lets go play in the dirt! I think you would erase the good you did in the first two steps. So, what do you do know? Cover the cut with a band-aid. If you don’t have that use a cotton ball and tape. The cut just needs to be protected from infection and given time to heal. You do have to change band aids often though.

And that is it. Now you know the best way to heal a cut or a scrape. How long does it take? That depends on the person and the severity of the cut. Just remember if you pick at it…the cut will take longer to heal.

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